On top of providing me with the best 9b Sticker Photo ever, my buddy Damian Burford recently started a blog called The Mostly Harmless Podcast. Per Damian the site was, “born out of the long dead ashes of my old zine, Mostly Harmless Magazine, I began transferring old interviews from old cassette tapes to Mp3s. I began to piece the old interviews together with new introductions and posted them online for the world. Hoping to use this as a springboard to launch my new podcast project…

Well it worked and The Mostly Harmless Podcast has come out of the box throwing haymakers. The debut post was an interview with the only man that can make Chuck Norris say uncle, Chuck Ragan and the second? One of the best interviews with Micah Schnabel I’ve ever listened to. So check it out.

I’ll be keeping an eye on the site and alerting y’all to any cool new stuff Damian throws up there but you’ll probably wanna add it to your own RSS reader to.