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Mic Harrison and the High Score are one of those bands that I rarely listen to but every time I do I wonder why I’m not listening to more of them. My good buddy Larry turned me on to them a couple of years back when they released their third album, Push Me On Home. At the time I said they remided me “of a rawer, more rocking and less sober version of Robert Earl Keene”, and I think that description still fits them pretty well. Really, Great Commotion is everything that ninebullets is about. A record with enough twang and jangle in it that the kids don’t like it, but too much rock and roll for a Sunday morning.

Give it a listen.

Mic Harrison and the High Score - I'm Still Lost     

Mic Harrison and the High Score - Talk To You Tonight     

Mic Harrison and the High Score - Interstate Wall     

Mic Harrison and the High Score’s Official Site, Mic Harrison and the High Score on Facebook, Buy Great Commotion

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  1. January 24, 2011    

    Love Mic, have loved him since The V-Roys (on of my fave bands)

    Love the line in I’m Still Lost where he says “I put a whole lot of miles in that Grand Prix, trying to figure out where I need to be”
    Who hasn’t been there?

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