Because Songs Matter


I am usually a damn Grinch at this time of year. To be perfectly honest I have dreaded the holidays for years. The bright spot for me was making a compilation with either songs making fun of, parodying, or outright hating Christmas. I won’t bore you with all the details of why I hated Christmas but I suffice it to say I was a right bastard between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. This year things are different. I am actually in a great mood. But I still went off to make my usual snarky compilation. Then something happened right around track 11. I had all the holiday music I have here at the office queued up on random and going through the usual suspects for my tracks and a Johnny Cash song/spoken word thing popped up in the playlist. I paused and finished out my compilation in a different manner. So from about track 11 on this is less snarky than my last few holiday mixes. It ends with a Johnny Cash/band/spoken word thing but the two tracks that precede it are my favorite, even if they aren’t traditional, Christmas tracks of all time.

So from my family to yours: Merry Christmas!!!

And without further ado…



  1. willy willy
    December 22, 2009    

    good mix, wondering if you can download this or is there some copyrights attached. just wondering thanks again, for what ya do. peace

  2. December 22, 2009    

    oh man, that 1st vandals song is killer.

    You should hear the song xmas day by Red Star Belgrade for your Hate Christmas mood.

    Johnny Cash and the oaks talking about christmas….priceless

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