Merry Christmas From 9 Bullets To You

Well here’s the Christmas mixtape for 2014. I didn’t go for an over-arching theme this year, well except Christmas, but you know what I mean. There are some traditional tracks, some tracks I think should get more attention, and some you’ve probably never heard. While not entirely upbeat, it’s not music by which to hang yourself from the tree either. Everything we do here is for you folks reading the site and the bands we love. We’re coming back strong in January and I personally have high hopes for next year. I really hope that each and every one of you have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year. – Romeo Sid Vicious

One thought on “Merry Christmas From 9 Bullets To You”

  1. Lovely. Considerate. Wonderful. There was an audio sneak attack that I won’t mention lest I be found in Gitmo. For this, I am plotting a sneak attack. Beach Boys “Kokomo” is all yours when you least expect it. Merry Christmas, brother.

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