These kind of pieces are tough for me. As a matter of full disclosure I must admit that since booking Matt for the ninebullets 4th Anniversary Party he and I have become pretty good friends. Well, as good of friends as a touring musician becomes with a fan in a town. Anyhow, it’s tough to write these pieces but I figured if I can do it for Two Cow Garage albums, I could do it for a Matt Woods album.

It seems like I’ve been hearing the songs on The Matt Woods Manifesto for quite sometime now. Matt’s been playing them for a couple of years as he tours through the Bay area but the cd was my first time getting to hear them with full band accompaniment and it really makes me wish Matt could get down this way with a backing band because the added instruments really make the songs pop. The album, to sound cliche’, is a lot like Matt himself. It’s solid, honest, at times underspoken while overjoyed at other and always more than willing to work for you attention.

Honestly, I’m not into making any predictions (which is why I do it all the time) but I will say Matt is not afraid of the road and it ain’t broke him yet so I don’t think it will. Matt’s built for the long haul and will probably come through your town a time or two this year. Listen to the mp3’s below. If you like them, pick up the album and check him out next time he comes to your town cause there might be a time in a few years when it won’t be so easy.

This album gets the seal of approval: Essential Listening.

Matt Woods – Beating Down My Door
Matt Woods – Days Of Walking
Matt Woods – Port St. Lucie

Bonus: Matt Woods – No Beer In Heaven

Matt Woods’ Official Site, Matt Woods on Facebook, Buy The Matt Woods Manifesto


  1. I had mentioned to a couple people that the Grayson Capps album was probably the best of this year so far. It just so happens that I realized this week the album I listen to most every single day is hands down Matt Woods Manifesto. Sooo it is what it is and shall be what it shall be!

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