Matt Phelan is Probably Cooler Than You


For the last five months Matt Phelan, bassist for the now defunct Truckstop Darlin’, has been hiking across the country. At this point he’s covered over 2,100 miles, on foot! He’s been hiking The Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico and is currently in Washington, headed for Canada. As far as social media goes he’s been pretty quiet but over the weekend he announced a site chronicling his journey in both pictures and words. This is a very cool thing that he’s doing and things like this are things you are supposed to do when you’re young.

I got to meet Matt, and the rest of the band, on their last tour when they came through Houston. They were all amazing guys and it makes me happy to see him accomplish something like this, a thing that most of us will only ever dream about. I hope that folks can take inspiration from Matt and maybe start their own epic journey! Normally I’d ask Matt if I could use a couple pics from the site but I think this is something that you should go view, start to finish. Instead of pics from his journey, here are some Truckstop Darlin’ songs to listen to while you go through the site…

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