Mat D and the Profane Saints – Brand New Faith EP

Since I last wrote about Mat. D and the Profane Saints, the boys have been steadily playing shows and have even managed to cut a 5 song EP to help hold everyone over ’til a new full length comes out. While recording their last release, Small Town Burning, the Profane Saints were splitting time with other bands. The side projects have fallen, and the result is a more clearly defined focus and direction. For the uninitiated, I’ll let Mat D. describe the band’s music in his own words:

My music is not in anyway evangelical or Christian so to speak. It’s about age old themes. God, the devil, Sin, Salvation, Hard Luck Losers, Freaks, Junkies, Ramblers and the like. It’s just a theme. Much of the earliest american music reflects these topics. Be you believer, skeptic or ye of no faith, we just want you to enjoy the music. That’s all. We won’t be performing at any churches anytime soon, not that we have a problem with any of them, it’s just not us. If your interested in hearing God Rock, visit your local Christian bookstore. If you’re looking for some original roots rock and americana Profane and Saintly-then you’ve come to the right address. My music is all about the duality of man. The good and the bad, The sinful and the holy, The saved and the damned. That’s it.

Four of the five tracks are available on their myspace profile but I’ll put 2 of them here anyhow:

Mat D and the Profane Saints – Lye Soap, Cigarettes and Gasoline
Mat D and the Profane Saints – This Truck Makes More Money After Midnight

Mat D and the Profane Saints Official Site, Mat D and the Profane Saints on myspace, Buy the Brand New Faith EP