Admittedly, we spend a lot of time on ninebullets talking about Deep Blues, punk blues and all the kinds of blues that the kids are doing these days, while giving very little time to the people that inspired all those kids in the punk rock bands to put a slide on their middle finger and change their musical course.  Today I’d like to change that, even if it is for only a day.

M For Mississippi is the creation of Roger Stolle of Cathead Delta Blues and Folk Art and Music Store in Clarksdale and Jeff Konkel of Broke and Hungry Records of St Louis, both of whom fashion themselves as Mississippi blues preservationists. Much like Kenny Wayne Shepherd did in 10 Days Out, they loaded up a van and spent a week traveling around the Mississippi Delta hitting juke joints, front yards, house parties and cotton fields with audio and video recording equipment trying to capture the “real” blues sound. Along the way they met up and recorded with the likes of “T-Model” Ford, Robert “Bilbo” Walker and a preacher who can’t use his real name (cause the blues is still considered the devil’s music), so he goes by The Mississippi Marvel.

The result is an excellent collection of material that’s inspiring the movements we hear nowadays but that we rarely hear in its original form anymore. Check it out and if you like it give the movie a try.

Big George Brock & the Houserockers – M for Mississippi
The Mississippi Marvel & Lightnin Malcolm – Black Matties Face
Jimmy Holmes – Slow Down Slow Down

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