What an awesome freaking weekend, I had. It all started at about 6:00 on Friday afternoon. I load the dawgs up in the truck and head out to the dog park when what comes through my car speakers? The news that Jon Gruden and his slimy sidekick, Bruce Allen got fired from the Buccaneers. YAY! Then, yesterday, like icing on the cake we got to watch the Philadelphia Eagles go into yet another NFC Championship Game as a heavy favorite only to get their collective asses kicked. Honestly, very little makes me happier than watching the Eagles loseWeight Exercise. That city and it’s fan base deserve every single shitty thing that happens to them. Maybe they’ll fire Reid and hire Gruden. The two deserve each other.

And now, here we are on the eve of Obama’s inauguration. Big change on the horizon. The entire country has an air of hope. Like the Bucs moving from Gruden to Morris, the move from Bush to Obama is a return to integrity. It’s kind of neat.

What does this have to do with the Lucero Message Board’s January compilation? Nothing. Nothing at all. I just wanted an excuse to say “kiss-off Gruden”, “BWAHAHAHAHAHA, Fuck you Philly Fan” and “I hope you die of terminal syphilis, GW Bush”. So now that I have, let’s move forward.

Like the political signs say, Change. This month’s comp represents something of a change. For the first time ever there was a theme of Cover songs. Another change is that our trusty compilation curator got a tag editor and now every .mp3 on the comp is properly named and tagged. As always, you can head over to the Lucero message board for some dialog on why each song was submitted and while you’re there you can contribute to next months.

Personally, I can’t stop listen to Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s cover of Danzig’s “Am I Demon”. It’s fantastic! You can grab the entire compilation here.

Here is the tracklisting:

  1. Candlebox – Cover Me*
  2. Avail – Pink Houses
  3. Lucero – Ring of Fire
  4. Hank Williams III – Atlantic City
  5. Ted Hawkins – Long As I Can See the Light
  6. William Elliot Whitmore – Gallis Pole
  7. Dead Kennedys – Viva Las Vagas
  8. Jawbox – I’ve Got You Under My Skin
  9. The Corn Sisters – This Little Light Of Mine
  10. Jon Snogdrass – Remember
  11. Uncle Tupelo – Effigy
  12. Steve Earle – Nebraska
  13. Drag The River – Down The Road
  14. Social Distortion – Under My Thumb
  15. Lucero – Ain’t No Sunshine
  16. Melvins – Detroit Rock City
  17. Blood On The Saddle – Folsom Prison Blues
  18. Elvis Costello – Good Year For The Roses
  19. Nine Pound Hammer – Dead Flowers
  20. Mudcrutch – Shade Grove
  21. The Lemonheads – $1,000 Wedding
  22. Thin Lizzy – Rosalie
  23. Deer Tick –  Beautiful Girls
  24. Bonnie ‘prince’ Billy – Am I Demon
  25. Sugar – Dum Dum Boys
  26. Jason & the Scorchers – Lost Highway
  27. The Saints – River Deep Mountain High
  28. The Circle Jerks – Along Comes Mary/Close To You

* = Not an actual cover song. We’re considering it the title track.


  1. While I am NOT a sports fan – unless I’m playin a game it just doesn’t interest me tat much, it was one of the few times I’ve read a posting that made me laff out loud AND want to hi5 the poster.
    I TOTALLY agree with you on the Bush wish. I’m hopin Gollum W follows his ring back to the fires of Mordor and immolates 🙂
    And as always – I enjoy your choices of music postings.I’m probably a generation ahead of you but your site has become one I come to daily because we do seem to sync up in our tastes in music.
    Hope this site has a LONG and happy time of it.
    Hang in there autposy

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