What happens when one of the kings of gothic country teams up with the dusty voice of a musical time gone by of Rachel Brooke?

With the release of A Bitter Harvest we find out.

A Bitter Harvest features 1/2 of the gothic country outfit Those Poor Bastards, Lonesome Wyatt, with Michigan born songstress, Rachel Brooke. The album is 10 tracks long with each artist writing 1/2 the songs (Lonesome wrote the odd tracks and Rachel wrote the even ones) while all 10 feature the playing and singing of both collaborators. I wasn’t really sure how the old time nature of Rachel’s voice would pair with the baritone of Lonesome voice in the weeks leading up to this album but I am happy to announce that they fit together quite nicely and when they’re at their best they can be downright spooky. This spookiness is best highlighted in the lead off track, This Painful Summer.

Every time I write about a new Those Poor Bastards I use the same line, “Imagine Death himself plopping his ass down at your campfire with his pal and band mate, Desperation, and they break out in song.what do you think that would sound like? I am gonna say Those Poor Bastards is pretty close“. Adding Rachel to that sound is like adding one of the Sirens of Sirenum to the mix to lure the woeful and the wretched into their musical nightmare.

Even though this is easily the most “accessible” album either of them have ever released, beware, it still isn’t safe for delicate ears or weak souls.

Lonesome Wyatt & Rachel Brooke – This Painful Summer
Lonesome Wyatt & Rachel Brooke – Someday I’ll Fall

Those Poor Bastards on myspace, Rachel Brooke on myspace, Buy A Bitter Harvest


  1. Yes, “accessibility” is not one of its strong suits. And there are a few weak tracks. But the songs the work, work superbly, like “Someday I’ll Fall.”

    The other important thing about this album is that (I hope) it introduces a lot of people to Rachel Brooke, who any good music lover needs in their life.

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