Links Around the Web – 06/19/15


Here I am, the much-maligned but never-convicted Wolf, serving up the hottest hotlinks for your lazy Friday web browsing.

Cory Branan, knbranan-resizedown wastrel, has a couple of cool things up on Spotify. The first is a recorded Audiotree Live session of tunes, in which we get high quality solo-acoustic Branan which is always a treat. The second is a new hobby for Cory: playlist cultivation. One playlist a month, featuring one songwriter, and first up is Queen’s Freddie Mercury! Once you’re done with all that fancy streaming audio head over to Cory’s website for tour dates and records.


It’s no secret that I’m a huge Against Me! fan, and one of the many pre-orders announced this past week was for their upcoming concert record “23 Live Sex Acts”. You can check out a preview song, and be just as impressed as I was. Pre-order from iTunes or Amazon, and check out that cover art!


1385023_593523444022907_1631043531_nYou think just because Charles Hale is no longer on staff at 9b you can escape the glourious sonic musings of the Ajax Diner Book Club? Well think again, chump! Listen to his show, then head on over to Facebook and like the page for constant updates. He starts this one off with McDougall’s “Coleraine”, which is as good a way to start something as a song can be.


Titus Andronicus,8f94c354one of many bands I discovered through 9b, has a new record coming out soon (“The Most Lamentable Tragedy”) and it’s a doozy. You can pre-order this 2-CD or 3-LP beast here, but since it’s taken so long to get out the band has decided to throw us a bone. They just released a free mixtape entitled “Sorry About The Delay” and put it up for streaming or download on their website. It’s full of unreleased tracks, rehearsals, outtakes, and live performances. Worth a listen!



And last but not least, it’s E3! The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or Orthodox Nerd Christmas (dating back before the Reformation, when ComicCon took over). There’s all kinds of new video games announced and previewed and played, and some of it is pretty exciting. I occasionally write for a video gaming site, Colony of Gamers, and since I’m partial if you want to see what the latest haps are on your favorite console or from your favorite publisher, I think you should check it out there!