Liars, Cheats, and Fools

It ain’t often you’ll find me writing about female country singers. The fact is most of the modern crop are out of Nashville and are little more than pop with a steel guitar or fiddle and them actually being called country, in any fashion, is an affront to the whole of true country music. None of the mini-skirt-with-a-cowboy-hat-pop-singing divas can hold a fucking candle to Patsy, Dolly or Linda! Hell they are not even worthy of tuning the guitars of those lovely ladies. However once in a while a girl comes along that gets what country is about this time it’s Leyla Fences and to top it off she’s Red Dirt to the core.

I almost didn’t listen to this album due to my feelings expressed in the above mini-rant but I did and I glad of it. Not a single song on Liars, Cheats & Fools sounds like it could be a “crossover hit”. Instead of trying to sound like anything that you might hear on the radio today Leyla Fences has given us an album that opens with a steel guitar filled honky tonk song that while written from a woman’s perspective could have the roles reversed and not sound out of place on a Merle Haggard album from back in the day and certainly one worthy of putting her right beside Dolly Parton or Linda Rondstadt on a compilation. (I meant that Merle thing as a compliment by the way.) She flaunts her Texas accent and writes lyrics that put her firmly with Whitey Morgan in the Oh-My-Fucking-God-I-Can’t-Believe-Anyone-Is-Still-Making-Real-Honky-Tonk-These-Days category. It was released on my birthday this year and I promise you it’s the real deal. If you like music that makes you want to find a sawdust covered floor, a bottle of whiskey and pretty girl or cowboy to swing around for a few songs then this one is for you. It’s Essential Listening as far as I am concerned. In fact I would kill to see Leyla on tour opening for Whitey Morgan and the ’78s. I would so be sleeping in my truck that night…

Leyla Fences – This Close
Leyla Fences – Gettin’ Over Him
Leyla Fences – The Fool

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