Lexington Field – Greenwood – 2015


Lexington Field’s Greenwood is one of those albums that’s innately hard to describe because it encompasses so much. If you go search the sites that tend to review their music you might be led to believe that they’re a celt-punk outfit, which I suppose might be descriptive to some degree if you take their back catalog in to account but it doesn’t accurately describe this release. They self identify as “fiddle rock” which is a very fitting descriptor but I don’t think it tells you what you’re in for when you queue this one up. They’re on East Grand Records so that sort of points at some punk influence and that’s very apt. In the end I think the best way to describe the sound that these kids put together on Greenwood is “middle-school-punk-with-a-fiddle” and I’ll use that only once because it’s unwieldy, but it had to be said.

It’s not about the thing or getting through the day
It feels like there is nothing left to change or give away
So I bid you all farewell and I’ll see you all in hell

In true middle-school/pop punk fashion Greenwod kicks open the door with a raucous opening track, “Ghostwriter”, complete with driving rhythm, in your face guitars, and a really great fiddle bridge. The sense of urgency that’s created with the opening a capella words with the music slamming in a brief second later is a great way to start off an album. And for the most part it continues in the same fashion. Drinking, drugs, love, loss, suburban angst, it’s all here and all laid out for your enjoyment. Personally I feel like covering “Man of Constant Sorrow” as a slight misstep but one that’s completely erased by the rest of the album. Who knows, even that may grow on me over time.

Have myself a half-bottle of whiskey
And a head full of evil thoughts
Have myself a pistol, headed on down the block
Head is pounding and it just won’t stop
But I know how to make it quit
Another bag of marching powder should just about do the trick
– Target Rich Environment

The essence of why I really like this style of music is captured here, the bouncy, catchy, and still heavy punk music coupled with the slightly dark subject matter never fail to pull me in and keep me listening. From the anger of “Target Rich Environment” to the ballad-esque “Calamity Jane” tracks from Greenwood have made it in to multiple playlists and are in heavy rotation. I’d describe the overall experience of listening to this one for the past few weeks as really fun. I think there’s a lot of that to be had here and you’d seriously be missing out if you didn’t pick this one up. I honestly hope that work takes me towards San Diego (a long shot at this point) so I could at least have a chance to see these guys live, I have a feeling that it’d be pretty damn amazing!

I don’t have to fight
Just to breathe you in
We stared in to the burning light
Pushed our thoughts away
A perfect form of clarity was missing from our day
-Clarity Jane

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