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Apparently Lewi has built quite a reputation around the Portland area as a studio musician and professional side man. His appearance on some 42 commercially available cds almost guarantees that you’ve already heard Lewi in some form or another. For me it was his appearance on cds by the now defunct, but still beloved, I Can Lick Any SOB In The House and/or Hillstomp cds. His appearance in Portland bands is so common it even once led Peter Buck to joke that it was weird to go see a band in Portland and find that Lewi wasn’t playing in it.

Now Lewi is stepping out of the shadows once again with his sophomore solo effort, Fire ‘Neath The Still. Fire ‘Neath The Still is one of those awesome albums that shows up in your mailbox and you fall in love with the album before you can even remember the name of the artist who made it. Make no mistake though, I know the name Lewi Longmire very well. Fire ‘Neath The Still is a very strong roots rock/ album that deserves all the attention it can get. Check it out.

Lewi Longmire - Whatchoo Gonna Do About It     

Lewi Longmire - Disappear     

Lewi Longmire - Moon Song     

Lewi Longmire’s Official Site, Lewi Longmire on myspace, Buy Fire ‘Neath The Still


  1. Liz Liz
    December 5, 2008    

    Very nice songs, thanks for posting these.

  2. ldp ldp
    December 9, 2008    

    Thanks! Loved SOB and got to see ’em live so gave this a shot. Great stuff! Thanks!

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