Let’s talk about a night in the box” may sound like something I would have said to one of my boys back in the day after he pulled a stupidly hot chick, however, A Night In The Box is actually a band. In all likelihood you’ve never heard of A Night In The Box, and that’s okay, neither had I when they were taking the stage at the Deep Blues Festival earlier this year. Matter of fact, I saw them taking the stage and thought, “Wow, these guys are gonna blow.”

It was probably the hats.

Regardless of why I thought they were gonna suck, the point is they did the polar fucking opposite of suck. I was officially blown away by this band one minute into their first song. I used this next line a few weeks ago while describing Possessed By Paul James’ show @ Deep Blues Fest, and I am more than happy to recycle it here: There is a quote in the inset of Kid Rock’s cd, A Devil Without A Cause, that reads, “If it sounds good, you’ll hear it; If it looks good, you’ll see it; If it’s marketed right, you’ll buy it; but if it’s real, you’ll feel it.” Not only do you feel it when ANITHB is performing…you know they feel it too.

So, I walked away from their DBF set with the following note on my notepad, “A Night In The Box…who the fuck are these guys? Best show of the festival so far…buy their music…” So, I did. I came home and immediately got Write A Letter. I am proud to announce that the cd is almost as awesome as the performance. Don’t take that as a slight though, I don’t think it’s possible to capture the awesomeness of these guys live on a silver disc. For all you Minneapolis folks, their show is essential viewing and for the rest of us their cd is essential listening.

A Night In The Box – The Hustle

A Night In The Box – Rich Man’s Table
A Night In The Box – Terraplane Blues
A Night In The Box – Fiddle Foot Jones

A Night In The Box on myspace, Buy Write A Letter


  1. Got the album from e-music. Totally worth it. It is added to the “driving to the datacenter which is way too damn far to drive in the morning” playlist…

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