Let there be rock:

from New West Records:

http://LetThereBeRocktober.com is live now. We will be promoting the October tour through this website. Additionally, every so often we will be posting exclusive Live tracks and even studio outtakes on this site. The blessing is that by the end of the month, you can collect an entire DBT bootleg album. The curse is that each track will be available for a couple of days at most.

I’ll bet the studio outtakes will make a better cd than `A Blessing and A Curse’ did.


in case anyone notices the file naming and wonders if they have missed anything do not worry…today, 10/3 was the first day.

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  1. I see at the end of the month,they are going on a southern states tour…..anyway they are coming around here soon(NOT THE AMPITHEATER)some where small like skippers smokehouse or something like that would be awesome!

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