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I should have written about this album months ago but it’s difficult to get much news about Leroy unless you’re actually seeking it out. Anyhow, Atlantis is Leroy’s fourth solo album and the first with his new backup band, The Messengers. While Leroy’s first two solo albums after departing from Shooter Jenning’s backing band, The .357’s, were firmly entrenched in the classic country sounds Leroy started to expand his sound with last year’s release of Paranoid.

Atlantis continues down the southern rock/blues trajectory that Paranoid took off in but manages to pull some of the classic country back into the fold from time to time. The end result is a very well rounded album that can rock as easily as it weeps. Well worth checking out.

How has this guy not been picked up by a label yet?

Leroy Powell - I Ain’t Human     

Leroy Powell - Gravedigger Blues     

Leroy Powell - It’s Our Turn Now     

Leroy Powell’s Official Site, Leroy Powell on myspace, Buy Atlantis

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