I might make this week all about modern bands with the classic country sound. Last month I briefly mentioned the Leroy Powell had a new album out, Angles and Curves. After having spent a few weeks with the album, I can not recommend it to you enough. If you grew up in the 70’s and 80’s with your Daddy listening to country music radio, then you are already familiar with the sound and feel of this album.

Angles and Curves was recorded over 2006-2007 in between touring with Shooter Jennings as a member of Shooter’s backing band, the .357’s, and while working on the recently released posthumous Waylon Jenning’s record, Waylon Forever. It is produced by the legendary music producer Eddie Kramer, along with Evan Frankfort and Dave Cobb and it continues to build on the base that was his self-titled debut. Once again it features his backing band The Worst Best Friends, featuring younger brother Chris Powell on drums, Jason Cope on guitar and Slade McCombs on bass, but the real standout is Leroy. His voice is unimpeachable, while his electric and slide guitar playing are equal parts new and exciting and pure nostalgia with a nod to country radio’s better days.

Don’t sleep on this album just ’cause it’s a digital release, it will certainly find it’s way into heavy rotation if you give it a chance. Lord knows it’s in my Essential Listening list.

Leroy Powell – Dollars & Sense
Leroy Powell – Angles
Leroy Powell – Truckin’

Leroy Powell’s Official Site, Leroy Powell on myspace, Buy Angles and Curves


  1. done deal. i caught powell in nashville a while back on a business trip. he was as great live (better probably) than even on CD. in a live setting he kept mainly to the rockers, but i really dig both the rockers and the slower more “country gold” stuff alike…

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