Left Lane Cruiser – Gettin' Down On It

In the course of writing this web site, I sometimes find myself becoming a music consumer. That’s good, write about it. That sucks, throw it away. Oh! I really like that! Add it to the Essential Listening List and toss it on the iPod. Album in. 5 listens. Write about it. Rip it. Post mp3s. Repeat with new cd. You start going through the motions. These are the times when I start to get “blog-fatigue”. Then an album like Gettin’ Down On It arrives in the mailbox, and I remember why I started this site.

Fort Wayne, Indiana’s Left Lane Cruiser say they “hit the crowd like a shockwave through a big ol’ buttcheek” and I think that is as good a way as any to describe the way this cd affected me. I came across these fellas while I was researching the artist itinerary for the Deep Blues Festival and before the first track, “Big Mama”, could end, I was typing an email explaining my site and asking for a cd. They agreed and I started watching the mailbox. The day the cd arrived, I loaded the dog up in the car, rolled down all the windows and took a long drive across the bridges to give it an uninterrupted listen, and it has been on my person ever since. I’ve used it as the soundtrack to get drunk to before going to a show. I’ve used it as a soundtrack to get drunk to before going out to get drunk. I’ve used it as background music for cleaning, grilling and, most recently, as the soundtrack for “Madden ’08”. Can you tell this cd gets me excited about music?

Left Lane Cruiser is Joe Evans and Brenn Beck. Evans plays slide guitar and handles the vocals. Beck makes the big ass drum sounds while also manning harmonica, mouth harp, and a vast array of other percussive instruments. Much like the Black Keys, their sound is a lot fuller than you would expect from two people, but that, and the blues label, is about all they share with The Black Keys. Left Lane Cruiser plays a type of music way down close to the dirt-style of North Mississippi Hill Country blues, mixed with a punch in the gut, a whiskey shooter and a corn dog. This is some swampy racket you have to add to your cd collection. Gettin’ Down On It is not only getting a lead seat on the ninebullets Essential Listening list, it is also gonna get heavy consideration for my favorite album this year, despite the fact that it came out in May ’06.

LLC will soon share one other similarity with The Black Keys. Like the Keys, they are gonna get their start with a label that is quickly becoming my favorite label on the block, Alive Records. They are scheduled to release their first album on Alive in January of ’08, and I can already tell you it is a candidate for album of the year over here. Get on the bandwagon now…These kids are going places.

Left Lane Cruiser – Big Mama
Left Lane Cruiser – Pork N’ Beans
Left Lane Cruiser – That Ass [Live]

Left Lane Cruiser on myspace, Left Lane Cruiser on Alive Records, Buy Gettin’ Down On It

Here is a video of LLC covering my absolute favorite Black Keys song, Stack Shot Billy:

I’m not just saying this is my favorite Black Keys track because I found an LLC cover of a Black Keys track on YouTube. The reason I will never be able to get enough of this song is because of the cymbals in it. F-ing Perfect. That high-hat just forces a drastic elevation in the volume. Unless you know the song, you can’t really get a full appreciation for them (cymbals) live, so I am gonna post the studio version for y’all:

The Black Keys – Stack Shot Billy

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  1. Excellent write-up. Thanks for supporting these guys. Left Lane Cruiser is taking over the world! Okay, maybe not, but you can bet your ass that they’ll eat all the mashed potatoes they want @ Thanksgiving dinner.

  2. “like a baby gorilla on crack” – I wish I would have come up with that line. LLC has been in constant rotation on my playlist for a couple years now.

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