Left Lane Cruiser – Bring Yo' Ass To The Table

Let the year that is 2008 begin to rock. Right now. Alive Records has released Left Lane Cruiser’s label debut, Bring Yo’ Ass To The Table, and it is everything fans of their self-released album, Gettin’ Down On It, could have expected and so much more. I got an iPhone for Christmas and in preparation for the beginning of the year, I planned to load the new LLC, Drive-By Truckers and N. Mississippi Allstars albums on it for listening in my New Years travels. I never made it to the DBT or NMA discs.

Joe and Brenn headed into Painesville, Ohio’s Suma Studios, a studio full of reel to reels and vinyl cutting machines, and emerged with a blues-fueled, rock-driven cd on the verge of a whiskey rage. This is a must add to the Essential Listening list and currently my favorite cd of this young year. You like this site? You’ll love this disc…trust me.

LLC is currently on the road with another ninebullets fave, Black Diamond Heavies….I can’t imagine the awesome concentrate that this show must be, but seeing as how the tour isn’t currently making it to Florida, imagining is all I got. Even if they don’t get down this way, they are supposed to be playing this year’s Deep Blues Festival, so I’ll be coming to them.

Left Lane Cruiser – Set Me Down
Left Lane Cruiser – Pork & Beans
Left Lane Cruiser – Amy’s in the Kitchen

Left Lane Cruiser on myspace, Left Lane Cruiser on Alive Records, Buy Bring Yo’ Ass To The Table

Left Lane Cruiser – “Set Me Down” Live Video:

and if that didn’t make you wanna shake your ass then you just need to start getting your musical suggestions from perezhilton.

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  1. Those three songs you posted directly resulted in me buying the album. Thank you!

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