I don’t know if we’ve ever talked about this on ninebullets, but even if we haven’t I doubt if it would come as a surprise that I download music. I buy a lot of music but I also download my fair share. A lot of it comes from random PR emails but there is plenty that comes from me firing up my favorite P2P app or Bittorrent client and castnetting band names, maybe because they sound interesting or for whatever reason I might decide to pull down a band I’ve never heard of.

I don’t say this to shock anyone. Hell, I think the real shock these days would be someone who doesn’t download any music. I say this ‘cause I’m not really sure how Left Foot Sally’s album ended up in my music directory, but I suspect it might have been from less than legal means.

Regardless of how the album got to my ears, I’m glad it did. The first time I pressed play on it I was (based on the band name) expecting a rockabilly act with a girl singer. What I got was sweet Southern rock guitars and a singer that kind of reminds me of a deeper-voiced version of the singer from Cross Canadian Ragweed, which is funny ‘cause in the research for this post I learned that they’re both from Oklahoma (I don’t know, all Oklahomans sound alike to me). Lady Luck is the band’s first effort and the 10 tracks occasionally offer a glimpse to the newness of the band, but as a whole I can feel comfortable saying that Lady Luck serves as a fantastic opening salvo for these guys.

Check ‘em out.

Left Foot Sally – Second Wind
Left Foot Sally – Lady Luck

Left Foot Sally on myspace, Buy Lady Luck

6 thoughts on “LEFT FOOT SALLY – LADY LUCK”

  1. The singers melodies are WEIRD and unimpressive…The band and recording are pretty good. They used overdriven guitars a little too much all the way through both songs. Leaves no real dynamics in the songs. Lyrics aren’t good. Like a crappier version of Ragweed. Wouldn’t listen to it.

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