While I’ve never written about Leeroy Stagger here on ninebullets as a solo artist, I have written about E.S.P, his side project with Tim Easton and Evan Phillips (Whipsaws). Admittedly, I knew very little about Mr. Stagger before he sent me a copy of Little Victories and, sadly, the album sat in my computer room for many months more than it should have before I managed to give it a listen.

Leeroy has been doing this music thing for the better part of a decade now. And by better part, I mean every bit of it and maybe a little more. Last year he signed with Blue Rose Records and found success outside of his home country of Canada with his fifth release, Everything Is Real. Little Victories is 13 tracks of very little happiness and even less optimism, and plenty of analyzing the dirty side of life. Perfect for a warm glass of whiskey and some quiet time to feel sad. Sometimes it feels like the country singer-songwriter answer to The Counting Crows album August and Everything After, which I happen to love.

Leeroy Stagger – George’s Blues
Leeroy Stagger – Everyone’s On Drugs
Leeroy Stagger – Way Down The Bottom

Leeroy Stagger’s Official Site, Leeroy Stagger on Bandcamp, Buy Little Victories


  1. I love Leeroy Stagger. Saw him live in Toronto once, where he and his band absolutely nailed a version of “Lawyers, Guns, and Money.” So killer!

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