Leeroy Stagger – Depression River

A buddy jumps into my car the other night on the way to a show over in Tampa. He immediately starts fiddling with my radio….I hate when people mess with my radio.

“what the fuck are you doing?”
“i want you to hear this cd on the way”
“fuck you and leave the radio alone. why didn’t you just burn me a copy anyway?”
“cause it would get lost in this mess you call a car. just shut the fuck up and listen”

He had me there, and as he turned up the volume, the opening guitars of “Where I Live” drowned out any possible rebuttal I could have offered up. As the song continued, it began to tell a story of a town really reminiscent of where I grew up, except that my town was named after a vegetable instead of a woman’s name, and by the time Depression River began, I turned up the radio a little more.

Leeroy Stagger is a 23 year old Canadian. Depression River (released in Sept. 2006), his fourth cd in as many years, was produced by John Ellis (Be Good Tanyas). It is a pretty straightforward bar room country-infused rock and roll album….or rock-infused country….definitely one of the two. Think one of Ryan Adams’ rock personalities or Neil Young/Springsteen type stuff and you are heading in the right direction. Or you could just check out these mp3’s I ripped from my friend’s cd, which I stole from his drunk ass later that night.

Oh yeah. I roll like that…

Leeroy Stagger – Where I Live
Leeroy Stagger – Depression River
Leeroy Stagger – One of the Lucky Ones

Leeroy Stagger’s Official Site, Leeroy Stagger on myspace, Buy Depression River

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  1. this is awesome!!!! i have been blasting this out and reckon my speakers will bust…love this !!!!thanks for intro to this amazing talent…

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