Here in the 9B camp finances are still to questionable to start giving to kickstarter efforts again but that doesn’t mean I can’t tell y’all about the good ones out there so let’s talk about Branden Barnett’s.

Branden Barnett is the lead singer of the Columbus based band, Ghost Shirt. He is also a pretty rad fella as I got the pleasure of discovering when he came through town last summer with Micah Schnabel. He is also hilarious and I’ll support this kickstarter video as exhibit A in that charge:

Like I said before, I feel like kickstarter provides us, the fan, a way to directly support the artists we like in a way we’ve never been able to before so I made a new years resolution to support on kickstarter project a month. Flying Spaghetti Monster knows we’ve all downloaded plenty of free music over the years and this is my way of making some sort of amends. If you wanna help Branden in his plight, his kickstarter can be found here.