Two of my favorite albums last year came from Kasey Anderson. His album Nowhere Nights was one of the three or four albums discovered in the same time-period that were the main reasons I started writing about music again. And his follow-up Heart Of A Dog with his new band The Honkies was almost as good.

Since then, Kasey and the Honkies have toured far and wide, slowly merging into a real band, instead of a front man and his backing band. You can easily hear that by checking out some of the youtube videos that’s surfaced the last year, or his two live EPs Live Honkies and Live at KEXP.

Presently, Kasey Anderson & The Honkies are getting ready to record new songs for their upcoming album Let The Bloody Moon Rise.

These days, where you won’t get a record deal unless you’re young, female and can prove you can’t sing (or think for yourself), most artists have to take responsibility and just DIY.

Bands like American Aquarium, Sons Of Bill and even Rhett Miller are using some sort of pledge-service, like Kickstarter or Pledgemusic.

Being who he is, and wanting to do things his way – Kasey Anderson has come up with his own twist. He’s kickstarting his new album, without using Kickstarter – but rather his Bandcamp.

The problem with Kickstarter is the point where the pledges fall short of the spoken goal, and no money changes hands – even if there are eager fans willing to part with their money to see new product from their artists.

Kasey is making the album no matter what, but what you can do is pre-order it, and in that manner you’re paying a sum of money earmarked the recording of the album. He’s even thrown in a few treats for anyone who’s willing to dish out a few extra bucks.

Like we know from Kickstarter, it all starts with the lowest sum and a digital album – but from there you can pre-order and get anything from exclusive t-shirts, a notebook with lyrics and comments or even his Gretsch Electromatic Pro Jet. Kasey’s also throwing a private house-concert into the mix. He’s forgotten to throw in a disclaimer on how far he’s willing to travel to do that show, so I’m actually considering buying that for myself for Christmas. It’s not THAT far to Norway, is it?

If you want to do both Kasey and yourself a favor, hop over to his website and pre-order/pledge for his new album Let The Bloody Moon Rise.

Kasey Anderson & The Honkies – Abaddon Blues


  1. “These days, where you won’t get a record deal unless you’re young, female and can prove you can’t sing…”

    Lots of male jerks have record deals now and always. Female artists struggle for exposure the same as male ones. Just ask Christina Wagner, who’s been blowing people away in North Florida bars for years, great original songs, great picking, she’s beautiful and she’s a badass, and she doesn’t have a single song officially recorded.

    Katy Perry and Taylor Swift write their own songs, they’re not the worst people on earth.

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