Despite the name, the preferred place of residence of the Kentucky Parlor Pickers is Denver, Colorado. Their latest album, Barn Burner, has been out since May and, to be honest, I’d assumed a lot more people had already covered it, so I kept letting it slip back in my list. However, it turns out that few to none have written about the album and is here to do what we can to remedy that bullshit.

The Kentucky Parlor Pickers are Josh Mickelson, Mark Thomas and Alex Stewart. They’re a trio making string band music that doesn’t take itself seriously at all. I’m not trying to act like I’ve ever met these guys, but my best guess is that they’re more concerned with having a good time than they are with making the record that will get them signed. The sense of humor in the album kind of reminds me of early OCMS and makes me wish I were a little wobbly in some Colorado bar, singing along.

Don’t let my “with a sense of humor” comment make it sound like Barn Burner is a gimmick album, though. While it certainly is a mountain of fun to listen to, at its core it’s also a fuckin’ A good album.

Check out the MP3’s and tell me I’m wrong….::::drops mic::::

Kentucky Parlor Pickers – Country Girls
Kentucky Parlor Pickers – Shake Your Molasses
Kentucky Parlor Pickers – Lynchburg Women

Kentucky Parlor Pickers’ Official Site, Kentucky Parlor Pickers on Facebook, Kentucky Parlor Pickers on Bandcamp, Buy Barn Burner for $5.00


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