This is sort of a complicated piece to write. As a matter of full disclosure, Kasey writes for ninebullets. As a matter of further disclosure, I had & liked Nowhere Nights before Kasey wrote for the site. However, I don’t think I can write a true “review” of the album due to his affiliation with the site, so I am gonna “report” on Kasey’s new album. From there I’ll let you decide what you wanna do. With all of that said, if you’ve read any of Kasey’s pieces here on ninebullets then you already know he is easily the best writer on the site, and extrapolating from there you can easily come to the conclusion that Kasey Anderson makes Steve Earle look like Jason Mraz.  And while you might think I’m moving into the realm of extreme hyperbole, it’s fair enough to say the kid is better than most at what he does, which is writing songs.

The reviews for Nowhere Nights are beginning to surface (you can find them here, here, here, here and here), and as the physical product hits the streets I suspect that they’ll begin flooding in. Now, if you’re actually reading this text, this is where I was gonna go into crazy depth about what all of Kasey’s songs were about, but then he went and deleted his damned blogspot blog, and with it all of his essays about the meaning and origin of every song. The important thing here is to understand that this part would have been fuckin-a awesome if Kasey would have just left the material that was already on A FREE ACCOUNT be. I mean it’s not like the guy is a social media ghost (example, example, example, example, example & example), so I can only really conclude that he did it to fuck me. I imagine he’s still bitter ’cause I said that the only way that a person could be so open, personal and honest on an album was if they were regular practitioners of tummy sticks.

His bitterness aside, while I was kidding about the tummy sticks thing with him, the album really is an up close and personal journey through Kasey’s mind and emotional state as he prepared to and then left Portland for a year in Germany. Now home, Kasey wears his songwriting influences; Steve Earle, Dylan, Springsteen, etc. on his sleeve and he delivers them with a lazy drawl that almost feels like he’s singing them directly to you. So ignore the fact that he deletes his blog material too fast, the he thinks he is the milk of human kindness*, and that he writes for this particular corner of the internets, and just check out his album. I’m sure you’ll find it to be Essential Listening.

Kasey Anderson – Bellingham Blues
Kasey Anderson – Nowhere Nights
Kasey Anderson – All Lit Up

Kasey Anderson’s Official Site, Kasey Anderson on myspace, Buy Nowhere Nights

* not really.


  1. That might’ve been your funniest post in awhile, though I think you had to stretch to throw the tummy sticks in there.

  2. Ive got to admit Im not on the same side of the track as Kasey is on music (Glossary aside)..not to mention I had no idea he even played… Alas I must give the man props on the superb album he has made. I was totally in shock when I first heard a few songs. (Maybe I should also take up listening to Spoon) All jokes aside great album from what ive heard and ill grab it tomm since I am at work now, and “The Man” has total control over the computers. Cheers

  3. thanks brandon. much appreciated.

    this review is awesome, aiv. i’m honestly kind of glad i deleted those nowhere nights navel-gazes now, if it yielded this beauty.

  4. Album of the Year? it might be a bit pre-mature with the Truckers and et al. still on the way, but I am loving this record, its gonna be tough to beat…..

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