Kasey Anderson done went and got himself into one hell of a pickle, and since then I’ve had a few people ask me my thoughts on it. A little background for those of you who don’t know, Kasey and Romeo were the original contributors I brought on board a few years ago and Kasey was instrumental in helping me setup the two Ninebullet.net showcases we did at SxSW.

When the original Seattle Weekly article was published, I was talking about it with my wife and I said something to the extent of, “While I’m surprised at the scope of the fraud, I’m not surprised Kasey was capable of it.” and my opinion hasn’t really changed too much as the new details have come out.

To fill in a few of the gaps without killing the guy (and I welcome Kasey to defend himself in the comments as SxSW is a drunken mess and my recollections are tainted by that), the big issues, for me, came on the second SxSW showcase we did. It was a 2 day ordeal and he was supposed to play both but played neither. Why? “A better opportunity came up.” was what he told me. True? Who knows. Point is, it showed me Kasey was in it for Kasey and as soon as you weren’t a benefit for him, he was out. This really came into play on day 2 of the showcase….

The venue the showcase was at severely oversold what they had, and it quickly became obvious that morning that there was a better than average chance that this show just wasn’t gonna be able to happen. No sound guy on site and a shit PA that no one knew how to connect or where all the cables required to connect it were. It was a colossal goat fuck and when that fact became horribly obvious, Kasey bailed. Leaving me with all the broken pieces. Two Cow Garage showed up early that day, saw the situation, went back to their hotel and got their acoustic guitars and played an unplugged show while the sound guy, who showed up 2 hours late, set up the PA. In the end, Two Cow rolled in, calmed me down (I was prepared to cancel the showcase) and saved the day. Not that Kasey would have known….shit got hard, he vanished. There was also an incident where he asked a friend of mine to make a video (pro-bono) for his song “Photograph”, but failed to mention that has was getting lots of people to make videos for the song and was gonna have a vote for which one would be the official video.

So there you go. A lot of press has been given to Kasey’s claims of having bipolar disorder and a myriad of other mental issues. There has been a lot of speculation as to whether that’s real or a convenient cover. I’ll be honest, I don’t care. If he’s really sick, I am happy he’s finally getting the care he needs. If it’s a cover, it won’t affect me ‘cause I’ll never have any dealings with the dude in real life again.

All of this brings us to Let The Bloody Moon Rise, the album that Kasey released digitally for a few days before pulling it off the internet . He presold vinyl copies of it as well, but considering the fact that he’s had a six digit civil judgement fall on his head, I’d assume you’re shit out of luck if you were a buyer. Let The Bloody Moon Rise finally saw Kasey abandon that lazy vocal delivery and drop some rock. The end result was everything about the guy’s talent shining. Look, I got my personal issues with Kasey, but 9b is a blog about music not Bryan’s opinions of people, and I have no qualm in saying Let The Bloody Moon Rise should have been Kasey’s coming out party. Instead, it’s a rumor. Save for the few people who managed to grab it on those hours it was available online.

Let The Bloody Moon Rise is an album made by a shady man. Let The Blood Moon Rise is also Essential Listening, and the way I see it, defrauding people of over half a million dollars relinquishes your right to complain about people pirating your album. So here you go, 9b readers: DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE ALBUM

Kasey Anderson & The Honkies – Some Depression
Kasey Anderson & The Honkies – Just Kids
Kasey Anderson & The Honkies – Like Teenage Gravity

I can’t provide you any links for Kasey as he removed himself from the internet once all this started breaking. Shit got hard….Kasey vanished.


  1. dude you are the best.

    also, dudes like micah and shane deserve the backing of a million investors while dudes like kasey deserve a little jail time perhaps.

  2. Brillant article! And awsome album that everyone needs to own, no matter how fucked up the guy is. I was one of those who pre-ordered the vinyl… 😉

  3. Thanks for the album. I had no idea he was “aubrey.” Totally forgot. Good piece. The only time RSV has ever proved “the good son?” I kid.

    1. Yeah. When he stopped writing for 9b I tried to delete his account. For some reason WP then forces you to assign all their articles to someone else. In hindsight, I should have just changed his password.

  4. Great write-up. It all makes me sad. You are correct in that the album kicks ass. I was one of the “few people who managed to grab it on those hours it was available online” and I have been giving it to everyone who is interested. F him for being a con artist.

  5. Awesome album. I took part in the funding project via bandcamp and got the digital version of the album in May 2012. I have been enjoying it ever since.
    I don’t know the guy, so I won’t judge him. But if only half of the stuff that’s written about him is true, he’s gotten himself in a well deserved mess.
    Still hope he can work himself out of it and start recompensating (repaying).

    As far as Autopsy IV is concerned: Respect for not just ignoring the album after what you went through with the guy. thanks

  6. I dig most of Kasey’s records, if it is true he is bipolar, i am glad he got some help. i was not familiar with the shit he got himself into, in regards to that it seems he is sorry for the mess he has caused AND he will suffer quite a bit for his mistakes. GETTING BACK TO THE IMPORTANT SHIT, ONE OF HARDEST WORKING, HONEST BANDS IN AMERICA TWO COW GARAGE, CANT FUCKIN WAIT FOR THE NEW RECORD. dig on the new title, ‘The Death Of The Self Preservation Society”

  7. I too backed him in the non-kickstarter project and have the version released in May 2012. When he put the album up for sale again in the fall, he said it was a differently mastered, paired down tracklist. It’ll be interesting to see how it’s different, so thanks for making it available.

    1. Todd, I backed the kickstarter and got my downloads, advances, etc. Not sure what happened with yours.

      By the way, I have a couple of your songs on my playlist (bought and paid for). Nice work. Take care.

      Bryan, nice job on those SXSW showcases. I really enjoyed the parts I was able to attend. Big fan of Glossary and the old configuration of The Only Sons. Keep it up. You bring it like no one else.

  8. It really is a great record. My closest friend has severe bipolar and gets full on pissed when people blame shit like this on it. ugh

  9. I hope that everyone defending him takes the time to read this. This is not the first, second, third, fourth, fifth or sixth story about Kasey being a dick. There are probably hundreds, most of whom don’t want to talk in public. Every person defending him has never ever been on Kasey’s bad side or was clearly someone he still thought could benefit him.

    Like the dude who wrote the Bruce Springsteen book that just came out posted a 100 page defense on his blog of how Kasey Is An Awesome Guy, Not A Crook. Well of course, Mr. Bruce Springsteen Book Dude, Kasey was going to treat you like gold, how can you be so dumb as to not figure that out?

  10. Also, I have never listened to Two Car Garage, but I am going to go buy everything they ever released right now. Everything.

  11. I kinda wonder who songboy is. Given how he’s posted on every single Kasey story I’ve read, he must’ve really got burned.

      1. Naw, the opposite actually. Just feel bad I never said more, louder about my suspicions, but thought no one would believe me. He had his millions o’ Twitter followers, I’m just a nobody with a guitar. He thought at one time I had connections that I actually do not and thats when he was cool with me. As soon as he found out that I didn’t, poof vanished.

        To be honest I paid such good attention to him because I wanted to copy what he did and see if it would work for me. Currently rethinking that strategy.

    1. ahhh. so you don’t feel like Kasey is getting the shaft in the court of public opinion? I didn’t press you on it earlier cause you seemed sympathetic.

  12. I got burned with buying his last CD/t-shirt package, but did get to download the album. It’s a great album. Listened to it again today. Still can’t believe this story and the amount of money we are talking about.

    I have always been a big supporter of KA. He’s incredibly talented. I even wrote a review of one of his albums here at

  13. This entire situation is almost emblematic of many issues I have while listening to music. I struggle with the idea that many of the artists I enjoy listening to might be assholes. I’ve heard that Ketch Secor (lead man for Old Crow Medicine Show) can be aloof and insensitive to his fans in person (on the stage he’s a showman). I know that pales to what Kasey is accused of, but that begs the question does the artist’s negative personal life soil the piece of art?

    I don’t know what the answer is, but I know Bing Crosby beat his kids and I know my grandma is aware of it. Bing’s still one of her favorite musicians. Bad example, but I’ll take the art over the background any day.

    Any hoo, Thanks for the download Brian!

  14. I remember that SxSW showcase – the venue was a bit of a disaster, true, but the music was amazing and the laid-back, East Austin vibe was really memorable for me. That showcase was one of my alltime favorite shows, just because when again will I get to experience such a thing. It’s kind of interesting after this time has passed to get the back story, and under these most incredible of circumstances. To add to what has been said, I never had heard of TCG until that day but I have been a fan ever since.

  15. You guys should read the article:


    I understand everyone being mad. I got to see and talk to Kasey during his last tour on the west coast with Star Anna, where they performed together opening for Jason Isbell. It was a great performance, one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to…but he seemed, very sad. I’ll admit I didn’t know about any of this then but Star and him really blew everyone away that night…it was great.
    Even after reading all this…I don’t think I know enough to judge. Yet, I do know enough to just feel sad for everyone involved and disappointed that one of the best singer/songwriters to come out in the past few years is at minimum a compulsive liar and probably done for or gone for a long time. Again not that he does or doesn’t deserve what he gets but man I wish it wasn’t so…I have all his albums on cd and vinyl and I’m really saddened that this digital download might be the last we hear.
    Thanks for posting this album and thread.

  16. I’m from the UK & knew nothing of all this, so many thanks for posting or would still be waiting patiently for my cd! I dd receive the most recent download last october though. On a similar theme (but hopefully not as unsavoury), do you know anything of the solo album promised by Brent Best(Slobberbone)? I sent money in april’10 & have had no updates or replies. I found out about this project from Ninebullets so wondered if you knew what happened. Cheers,Phil.

    1. a girl posts updates from time to time on a message board I read. Rumor has it there were numerous hard drive crashes w/o backups but that it’s almost complete.

    2. I sent money to Slobberbone too…years ago for a new album. never heard anything. Forgot all about it till now.

    1. Thanks for the link I don’t feel so lonely in my disappointment now! I genuinely don’t care about the money it’s being let down by someone I admire that bugs me. I still hope he comes through & the Kasey Anderson thing won’t put me off doing this again either. I just contributed to Leroy Powell’s new album recently simply because I love good music & the people who make it.

  17. I bought copies of heart of a dog and nowhere nights on vinyl from him a year ago and went back and forth to get my money back. Some how I ended up getting my 50 bucks back through a paypal claim. Clearly I’m far more fortunate than most.

  18. I’ve always received what I paid for from him. Except this last Kickstarter…. and I knew something was up so I guess the jokes on me. Hell, if he put out another album next week, I’d probably still pay for it. One of my favorite modern songwriters and I’m very sad to see him go out. Luckily, searching for info on the story led me to this nice little blog!

  19. Got my digital copy of this album back in November.

    Also, I didn’t think it was possible to like Two Cow any more than I already do.

  20. This album isn’t so hot. “Don’t Look Back” and “Like Teenage Gravity” are great, but we’ve heard them before.

    I’ve got nothing bad to say about Two Cow Garage. Love that band!

  21. it’s all bullets…don’t care — absolutely love his music!
    heading out west Feb. 20th for a few days..find me K… 🙂

  22. Listened to this album 3 times. Great music. Hope he gets his act together and puts out more music.

  23. I can’t defend Kasey Anderson, but I’m not going to drop hate on him either. I don’t know him personally, and other than a few emails I’ve never had any direct contact with him. He and I have corresponded a few times, and he’s always been kind and forthcoming to me even though I have nothing of value to offer the guy. After reading everything I can find about his story, I feel compelled to say my piece. I’m speaking here as a fan, nothing more.

    I discovered Kasey through Tumblr about 2 years ago. I heard a few clips of his music, and when he posted “Exit Ghost” for free as a single on his blog, I was blown away. I was on pins and needles waiting for the CD release. When “Heart Of A Dog” came out I bought myself a copy, and the following day after listening to it in full I bought three more copies for friends of mine because it completely flattened me. Whatever the guy’s legal predicament might be, and whatever his personal interactions with his industry peers might be, I will not write him off. I can’t. His music is simply too important to me. “Heart Of A Dog” changed the way I see the world. It was the first record I’ve heard in 20 years that told a story that I could truly relate to.

    I get it that he’s done some bad things, and that he’s gotten himself into some serious trouble. I hope and pray that his legal situation doesn’t ruin him, because I need his music. I need him to keep telling his story. I don’t know how much of a role his bipolar illness played in his behavior and activities, but I do know that bipolar disorder is not a trivial condition, and it can profoundly affect and color an individual’s interactions with the world. It can turn someone into a free-falling chaotic mess with no apparent regard for the welfare of others. It can make someone appear to be a really bad person.

    I don’t believe that Kasey Anderson is a bad person. I think he fucked up royally, sure. I think he’s lost his bearings; and I feel for those of you who have been sideswiped by his actions. I do. You’re entitled to be angry with him, and you’re entitled to expect him to make things right. He’s subject to the same consequences that everyone else is. If his illness is a mitigating factor, I’m sure that will be taken into account. It doesn’t excuse him, but it does mean he deserves whatever help his condition needs.

    Kasey Anderson isn’t the first artist in the world to fuck up, and he certainly won’t be the last. Please, for the sake of those of us that need his music and care about him: Don’t write him off. Don’t discount the degree to which his illness may or may not be affecting his thinking and his behavior. Don’t rush to judgment. Let the situation play out, and give the guy a chance to pay off his debts, legally and otherwise. I for one hope that he is able to make things right in his life, and come back to us to make more music.

  24. Also, I have to point out that it’s extremely poor form to offer Kasey Anderson’s music for download when you don’t own the rights to it. His legal situation and your blatant violation of his copyrights are two completely unrelated matters of law, and you’re not entitled to commit a digital copyright crime against the guy just because he’s in legal trouble. You don’t have the right to compound Kasey’s problems by giving away his music. I’ve contacted Kasey and notified him of what you’re doing. You might want to rethink your logic. I understand DCMA violations carry hefty fines.

    1. If he puts the album up for sale again, i’ll take it down.
      Or, if he asks I’ll take it down.

      As for DCMA…this site is nothing but a 7 year DCMA violation…

    2. Kasey deserves everything that is coming to him. I am a personal victim of his fraud scheme believe he is the biggest liar and thief I’ve met in my lifetime. He probably stole the ideas behind his musical work just like how he stole from numerous innocent people.

      1. Were “David’s” comments actually written by Kasey Anderson? I read the text of the indictment against him, and it seems like if he’s willing to impersonate Bruce Springsteen’s manager and the wife of one of the West Memphis Three, commenting on a blog post under a made-up name in order to defend himself would be something he does in between ripping people off and having lunch. I also know (knew) him personally. He was lying and being shady as hell when I knew him (and also believing he was smarter than everyone else, enough so that he seemed fairly sure he could talk his way out of any trouble he got himself into), and certainly did not exhibit any signs of any mental illness other than rampant narcissism. Someone in my immediate family is bipolar. I know what it looks like. Kasey Anderson is not it. Although it is convenient that this apparently sudden and severe mental illness manifested right around the time his having stolen half a million dollars from people came to light. So, “David,” if you really are a person who is not Kasey Anderson, you’re as mistaken as everyone else Kasey has fooled, which puts you in some pretty good company. Because he is indeed a very bad person.

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