Last week, in the run up to a local music festival here in St. Petersburg, the boys from Brokenmold Entertainment asked if they could come in and do a little promotion on the radio. Being a huge fan of the AntiWarpt Festival I thought it would be fun to make the entire show that night an AntiWarpt show and feature music from bands playing it and have some interviews scattered throughout the show.

When the guys showed up they brought a band in tow. I’d expected an artist to show up, but I was under the impression that the band was gonna play live. That, however, was not the case. The folks that showed up were Ms. Kaleigh Baker and her saxaphone player, and instead of being armed with guitar and sax, they were armed with a cd, so I did something I’d never done before and don’t ever plan to again….I played a song on ninebullets radio that I’d not ever heard before it was being blasted across the airwaves. I was, to put it mildly, a little nervous about this, but it didn’t take much more than 30 seconds of the opening track, “Train Gone By”, to know that the show was gonna be fine. About 3 calls asking who I was playing later, I knew I was gonna be playing her a lot more.

Kaleigh originates out of Orlando but has recently relocated to The Big Apple. When I asked her to describe her sound in 53 words or less she told me she only needed three; “blues, soul, rock-n-roll”, and I am not inclined to argue that it could be better stated.

Check out the two tracks below and if you like ‘em head over to her site and buy her debut EP.

On another note, I made a point to make her performance at AntiWarpt and lemme assure you, there is no studio trickery here. This girl is the real deal. The wife and I described her as a mix of Davina Sowers from Davina and the Vagabonds and Laura Love. Trust me on this, you’re gonna read and hear a lot more about her here on 9B.

I’m gonna dub this EP Essential Listening. Not because I think it can win 9B’s album of the year, but because a voice like hers is always Essential Listening.

Kaleigh Baker – Train Gone By
Kaleigh Baker – The Weight Of It All

Kaleigh Baker’s Official Site, Kaleigh Baker on Facebook, Buy The Weight Of It All


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