Jurassic 5 & Dilated Peoples

After writing about the Cunninlynguists CD the other day I’ve had this nagging feeling I should mention a couple other Cd’s that were awesome and completely ignored. So, while these are not better than A Piece of Strange, if I was making a top 5 I’d have a hard time listing which was number 2….but, I would eventually settle on Jurassic 5 – Feedback so I’ll start there.

Jurassic 5 – Feedback


After a 4 year silence J5 dropped Feedback on us back in July. The album features J5’s token rapid fire back and forth vocal deliveries and those old school feelin’ beats are still in place despite the departure of Cut Chemist. This CD also came with a nod to the future. Feedback is definitely J5’s most pop-oriented album yet with the collaboration of Dave Mathews and Scott Storch. While some long-time J5 fans might find themselves put off by the new sound there is still plenty to keep their heads bobbing. Might I also add that the J5 show in St. Pete this year was without a doubt the best hip-hop show I saw and one of the 5 best shows I saw for 2006. Those guys were tighter than a nun. So check out Feedback. Every time I listen to it I find myself thinking that I need to listen to it once a week.

Jurassic 5 – Gotta Understand
Jurassic 5 – In the House
Jurassic 5 – Where We At

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Dilated Peoples – 20/20

How. in. the. fuck. are these guys not huge? The moment lead single Back Again kicked with “Back again kinda like Bush & Blair, some were scared, some just wished they cared” they had me hook line and sinker. My favorite track off the CD has to be Kindness for Weakness which tells the tale of friends who betray. Evidence is undoubtedly one of my favorite rappers our there…second only to Gift of Gab possibly. Overall, 20/20 is the DP CD to shut down the haters. Check it out.

Dilated Peoples – Kindness for Weakness
Dilated Peoples – Back Again
Dilated Peoples – You Can’t Hide, You Can’t Run

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