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The debut solo album from .357 String Band member Joseph Huber opens with its title track, and what I feel is the album’s weakest track. That said, it serves as the perfect opening song for this solo effort, ‘cause it immediately lets you know this ain’t just a .357 album, just with Joe manning all of the vocal duties. In fact, it’s more like a collection of dirges written in the back of vans and in dingy hotel rooms, while caught in the teeth of touring in a small band. Not to suggest that this is an album of navel-gazing melancholy. No, this is more the kind of album that one gets from hours of staring out a window in silence as a van counts off the miles to the next town. It’s reserved, introspective, contemplative and, at times, shockingly deliberate.

I really wanted to write about this album this week because I have a feeling it (like the Doc Dailey) is gonna end up on my list. I was gonna go into a great long description of the cd, but just deleted 2 paragraphs and figured I could sum it up like this…..I really, really, really like this cd. Matter of fact, outside of the latest .357 album, it’s my favorite thing to come out of this group. It’s Essential Listening without a doubt.

Joseph Huber - Can't You See A Flood's A-Comin'     

Joseph Huber - Downtime     

Joseph Huber on Facebook, Buy Bury Me Where I Fall


  1. Bryan Bryan
    December 17, 2010    

    Can’t You See A Flood’s A-Comin’ sound like a Townes Van Zandt cover (albeit a great one).

  2. Martin Luther Presley Martin Luther Presley
    February 9, 2011    

    I liked BURY ME WHERE I FALL immediately, but the more I listen to it the more I think it’s quite a masterpiece. Very impressive album.

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