Since Drag The River “broke up”, it stood to reason that Jon and Chad would be releasing solo efforts. It was my understanding that Chad should have one coming out by the end of 2009, and while I wouldn’t put the notion of another Drag The River album completely to bed, Mr. Snodgrass was the first to strike with Visitor’s Band.

Over the course of 2008 Jon managed to book studio time on both coasts and places inbetween to record Visitor’s Band. He also managed to pull in a few collaborators like Chad Rex, Joey Erg, Chris Pierce and faves, Two Cow Garage.

It would be easy to assume that the album just sounds like a Drag album without Chad singing on any of the tracks, but that would be selling the album short. While the album is rife with Drag The River familiarities, namely the comforting sound of Jon’s voice and it’s nasally twang, Visitor’s Band spends a lot of time rocking in a way that is more Armchair Martian than Drag The River. The real star of the cd is Jon’s voice itself.  During the slow, sad songs it’s there to comfort and wallow in the misery with you and during the rockers it’s there to pound shots and sing-along with you, swaying shoulder to shoulder.

As an added bonus, the final track of the album follows the Drag The River tradition of being the entire album again, but instead of just being the entire album as one track, Visitor’s Band offers up the entire album again acoustically. It’s a fantastic addition to an album that was already Essential Listening.

Jon Snodgrass – Brave With Strangers
Jon Snodgrass – Remember My Name
Jon Snodgrass – Song For Jake Nichols To Sing

Jon Snodgrass on myspace, Buy Visitor’s Band


  1. Thanks so much for the kind words on Jon’s album. I really think that a lot of people will be surprised by how much depth this album has. It goes without saying that Jon is an amazing songwriter, but I really feel he has outdone himself with this album.

    Thanks, as always, for the support. I have been hoping you would spend some time with this album.

    What do you think of Austin Lucas’ “Somebody Loves You”?

  2. This has been hands down my favorite disc of the year so far.. I just got it last week and wow just wow! (The acoustic I agree was a fantastic idea)If you dont then you should that is all.

    and p.s. Virgil I did order the Austin Lucas CD with Jons but havent even put it in yet..hope its good as well.

  3. I love the new Jon album especially the acoustic final track, though I was sad when I realized Remember My Name was a cover. We’ve been harassing him to come to the south (sorry AIV, Florida doesn’t count!), but could use an influential voice in his ear (Virgil??).

    I got the Austin album at the show and it’s amazing too. I will admit that I like the stripped down, live version of Austin better. Compare the Go West demo with the album version to see what I mean.

  4. I agree that those demos are tough to beat. That is why seeing Austin live is such a treat. And know that i am always talking to Jon and Drag the River about doing more than just weekends here and there. Will definitely try to send them your way.

    and brandon, put that austin lucas record on; you will hopefully dig it.

  5. This record exceeded me expectations by far.

    The Austin record is great but I do wish he had the demo available as well.

  6. I liked this record when I first got it. Then Justin Townes Earle pushed it out of the car CD player for a couple weeks, but now it’s back and I’m loving it more with every listen. And track eleven kicks ass.

    As for Austin Lucas, like most people, I have to say the Go West demo is just better than the album track (sometimes less is more), but the whole record is really good.

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