Rock and roll.

Really, its a simple concept.

Guitar. Bass. Drums. Honesty.

Yet it is constantly fucked up. It gets overproduced. People try to fancy it up by adding (gasp) keyboards. And then, they try to make the vocals sound pretty. Pretty has absolutely NOTHING to do with rock and roll. Rock and roll is raw emotion. Rock and roll is the pain of real life laid bare and exposed. John Moreland plays that kind of rock and roll.

Look up “prolific” in the dictionary. There is a good chance John’s picture is there. In the past 12 months, John has released 25 songs. Two full CDs, a two song EP and a 3 song EP. Most artists are lucky to get a decent 10 songs in 12 months. Of course, your first inclination is to think “there has got to be a lot of filler in there.” HA! I dare you to listen to any song on Everything the Hard Way and not think you have just heard the greatest lyric ever written.

Its customary on these reviews to pick out a few standout songs and give them an in-depth analysis. This album has 10 songs that deserve that kind of attention. And frankly, to explain them to you before you get to hear them would be a grave disservice to you. It would take away the shock and awe of that first listen. And second listen. And third listen.

Just buy this CD. You’ll once again believe rock n roll will save your soul.

Its the Album of the Year. (Essential Listening)

Book it.


John Moreland & The Dust Bowl Souls – Low
John Moreland & The Dust Bowl Souls – This Town Tonight
John Moreland & The Dust Bowl Souls – Christmas Lights

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AUTOPSY IV NOTE: We (the 9b crew) were talking about this album a while back in an email and I thought I’d add my 2 sentence review to the bottom of the proper review: “Fuck. That album is good!”


  1. I just wanted to sign my 9B name to this, both Seans words and Autopsys words.

    This album really is this good! Probably even better than any of us can put into words anyway. Just get it. You’ll do yourself a favor!

  2. I was just out running around town with this album blaring out of my trucks speakers. It is as stated above excellent.

    Ever since accidentally stumbling across Moreland’s music about 2 years ago, I have easily outplayed his stuff to the rest of my record collection 10-1.

    1. Wow! I bought and listened to this 4 times yesterday.

      I often say (so much my wife can’t stand it) that good music doesn’t have to be novel. Keep it simple and from the heart and it works. It sure as hell does here.

  3. Thanks again…another band I would have missed–will download asap..

    Just wondering—have you heard Hellbound Glory’s Damaged Goods. I await the review…

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