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So I am late to the party on this one. I love it but I just keep not being able to figure out what to say about it. I have it for a while now and it has been shown quite a bit of love in our little blog scene. Today it came up on my random playlist again and I decided that I was just going to tell you all about it and not worry about writing something in my head first. First and foremost what sucks most about this album is that the band is now defunct and John is heading out on a solo career. The good news is that that is only the that sucks about this album, I love the rock n roll sound and this album is that, couple that with Moreland’s songwriting and you have an album just waiting to blow you away. This one would be perfect in a classic T-bird, top down, sunglasses on, floored on I-45 heading the beach (or what passes for a beach near here) in August. It’s got that driving feel to it but not a “half a tank of gas is enough to get me lost” kind of driving. The lyrics aren’t happy “I don’t know when I’m gonna get my shit together/Maybe never/But you know the way I see it girl/If I can’t take it with me/It ain’t meant to be/It’s pretty much empty” but damn it if the music doesn’t make me want to get out of this goddamn office and do something completely useless and fun, preferably out doors. This belonged on last year’s list but didn’t make and I don’t care if it was released in 2010 it’s now 2011 and that doesn’t change the fact this shit is Essential Listening.

John Moreland & The Black Gold Band - Ruin My Night     

John Moreland & The Black Gold Band - The Enemy     

John Moreland & The Black Gold Band - Alright Let's Go     

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  1. Greg Greg
    March 22, 2011    

    Amen! Kudos to you on reviewing this. I have been singing it’s praises for quite some time. This is just a great record. The songs are wonderful and Stephen Egerton from Descendents/ALL does a wonderful job on the production. The songs Small Town Boy and Victory Song are as good of tunes as anything I heard last year. John Moreland has another record, Endless Oklahoma Sky, which is good too, but I find myself listening to this one more.

  2. March 22, 2011    

    sometimes we’re as slow moving as the Everglades here at 9B…

  3. DownSouth DownSouth
    March 22, 2011    

    All I listen to anymore is John Moreland. All music sounds less interesting after hearing his songs.

  4. DownSouth DownSouth
    March 22, 2011    

    That facebook web address in the post is a defunct Black Gold Band page. Links to JM’s current facebook, bandcamp etc. are at

  5. Greg Greg
    March 22, 2011    

    Thanks again for reviewing this, better late than never.

    Also, you can buy the mp3 for this album and his others at Bandcamp, name your own price. Things I Can’t Control is actually out of print, but there are still a few hard copies left here for $6.

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