Joey Allcorn has released a new album, All Alone Again. Back in 2006 I wrote about Joey’s debut album, 50 Years Too Late, and I described his sound as such, “…writes and performs songs that could have been played on the fabled stage of the Grand Ol’ Opry in it’s heydays at The Ryman. Classic country songs with steel guitars, fiddles, lyrics of heartbreak, heaven, hell, and all matters of turmoil in between.” The description still fits like a glove. Joey’s voice still sounds like a less road/drugs/whiskey/pills/pot/15 shows in 17 nights hell raising weary version of Hank III, and Joey still has a long line of broken-hearted nights to sing about.

I guess what I am saying is that not much has changed, and that’s just fine so far as I’m concerned. See, while Hank III seems to be chasing that Hellbilly sound like a 16 year chases skirts, he’s leaving a lot of us fans of his more classic country sound behind. Enter Joey Allcorn, who not only fills the hole, these day’s he’s probably doing it better. So good, in fact, I have no choice but to place All Alone Again on my Essential Listening list.

So, if you wanna hear some country music the way it used to be played, then buy All Alone Again.

Joey Allcorn – Honky Tonkin’ Ramblin’ Man
Joey Allcorn – Lonesome, Lovesick Man
Joey Allcorn – Honky Tonk Hell

Joey Allcorn’s Official Site, Joey Allcorn on myspace, Buy All Alone Again


  1. It’s funny how Joey Allcorn and Hank III seem tied at the hip, though they’re both going in different directions. Hank III played on that first album, and then after that they both seem to want nothing to do with each other. Hank III filled a void in traditional-sounding country, then left it, and left a lot of fans behind. Luckily Joey and people like Lucky Tubb have stepped up.

  2. I totally agree, Hank III has gona so far into left field with his sound I really can’t relate anymore. I’m glad guys like this are around who hold true to what country music should sound like, both with the music and the lyrics. The best III album was Lovesick Broke & Drifitn’ and it’s all been downhill since then. Thank Hank for artists like Joey & Lucky.

  3. I just want really to tell you one thing:

    You do are the new Hank.

    From a little postman lost in a middle city of

    south France.I do absolutely agree with what you do.

    What you sing is what I am.Thanks for all


  4. I just want to tell you one thing:

    You do are the new Hank.

    What you think is what I am.



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