Jim Rome

There’s a woot off today and it looks like I am just gonna be doing some rapid fire posts about songs while I wait for the next item….Hey, it beats shit out of working.

I am a sports fan and like millions of other sports fans out there I listen to sports talk radio. Anyone who listens to sports talk radio knows who Jim Rome is and either loves him or hates him. I used to (5 years ago or so) love his show but over time the schtick grew tired and the whole thing started to bore me. Now a days I only listen on the smack-off or if there is an interesting fill-in host. I was putzing around on the internets and stumbled across a song Dan Bern did about ol’ Romey. It ain’t a great song or anything just something fellow sports talk listeners might enjoy.

Dan Bern – Jim Rome

ninebullets.net loves Dan Bern. Here are three tracks that highlight Dan’s odd quirky and yet totally awesome songwriting skills:

Dan Bern – Alaska Highway
Dan Bern – Estelle
Dan Bern – Jerusalem

I need to go check that woot-off…