You all know I am fan of this kid out of Austin by way of Florida. I covered his last album, multiple live shows, and even got an exclusive preview of a track off this album. I Keep On Livin’ But I Don’t Learn is Jeremy’s third album and track for track it’s his best yet. While being a little slower than the previous two albums it’s still straight up honky tonk. While a lot of the Red Dirt scene is sounding and acting more like frat rock than anything else Jeremy is keeping it honest and writing real country music. I know I have been getting in some digs at the scene recently but albums like this only highlight how bad the rest of what’s coming out is these days. I for one am glad there are some folks, like Jeremy, left who care about the music and are doing something about it.

Jeremy can apparently write and sing about anything he sets his mind to. This one has love songs, songs to make you cry, and even a cover song but the one thing they all have in common is that they make you want to drive until you find some place with some sawdust on the floor and surly bartender and knock back some whiskey. What surprised me about this album is how damn sad the sad songs are. You see I know this kid can write fun and happy songs but compared to his last two albums he has found a place that’s pretty damn dark. His sad songs have gone from sentimental to downright hopeless and as far as I am concerned that’s a damn good thing. In fact the only thing that’s upsetting about this album is trying to pick only three tracks to preview with this post. Suffice it to say that this Essential Listening and when it drops on the 28th you should pick it up immediately. I have no doubts this one will end up in my top ten albums of the year because I am sucker for straight up real country music and that’s what this is.

Jeremy Steding – Arkansas Rain
Jeremy Steding – Paint The Town Red When They’re Blue
Jeremy Steding – Don’t Take Your Guns To Town

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  1. Dude I totally agree with you. I have always been an avid fan of the Texas Music scene, but many of today’s bands coming out of there are simply horrible. I actually prefer some mainstream Nashville stuff over some of the crap coming out of Texas.

    Jeremy Stedding is one of the few keeping it real in Texas. I would also highly recommend the debut album of Cody Canada & The Departed. Cody is formerly of the great band Cross Canadian Ragweed, and this new band he has formed with Jeremy Plato on bass(formerly of Ragweed), Dave Bowen on drums, Steve Littleton on keys, and Seth James on guitar is bad ass! These guys are playing unabashed rock n roll, and they are totally locked in tight. The new album is a covers album paying homage to the old school Red Dirt artists out of Oklahoma. I highly highly recommend this album, and would love to see a review of it on your website. It is my number one albums of 2011 so far, and I think it will be hard to top.

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