I haven’t heard or thought of Jeff Healey since his cameo in Roadhouse performing “Angel Eyes” until I saw his obituary. In the obit it said he died on the eve of his newest album’s release. I will admit, in the interest of honesty, that I picked up “Mess of Blues” out of sheer morbid curiosity.

One more truth: This album has blown my doors off!

Man. I mean no disrespect by this at all, but what a way to go out. This album will always have the ‘Jeff died on the eve of its release’ stigma, but there is no mourning in it. Instead, you get a blazing rock-blues record that the Healey faithful are dubbing one of his best. I can’t speak to the rest of his catalog, but I can say that this album is wonderful. It’s Saturday night, shit kickin’, whiskey neat drinking, pool shooting, gonna have to take a cab home tonight rocking to be accurate.

Recorded late last year, the album is 10 tracks, featuring 6 in studio recordings and 4 live performances. Two of the live tracks were recorded at a concert in London, while the other two were laid down in Jeff’s club, Jeff Healey’s Roadhouse. The entire album features the band that normally accompanied Jeff at his club; Dave Murphy (keyboards and he also sings on two tracks), Alec Fraser (bass), Dan Noordermeer (guitar) and Al Webster (drums).

Jeff Healey – I’m Tore Down
Jeff Healey – The Weight
Jeff Healey – How Blue Can You Get

Jeff Healey’s Official Site, Jeff Healey on myspace, Buy Mess of Blues

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