I love the people who read ninebullets. I get some of the coolest suggestions from you guys. Such is the case with this little rockabilly band out of Oklahoma.

Now, when I say rockabilly I’m sure you’re thinking about the Horton Heats and whatnot of the world. but JD McPherson is far more authentic than any of those guys. Signs and Signifiers sounds like it came straight out of the pre-British Invasion rock and roll scene. Even the production has been kept at a minimum so that the songs maintain a raw and authentic sound and feel.

It’s damned near impossible to listen to this album and not smile. It’s not an attempt to be old school for old school’s sake, it feels honest. Personally, I’d take this over the Reverend Horton Heat any day of the week.

So, thank you ninebullets readers for your musical suggestions, and thank you JD McPherson for an album that’s Essential Listening.

JD McPherson – North Side Gal
JD McPherson – Fire Bug
JD McPherson – B.G.M.O.S.R.N.R.

JD McPherson on Reverbnation, JD McPherson on Facebook, Buy Signs and Signifiers


  1. First, I want to compliment your compliments to the readers at the beginning of your post by saying thank you to for being the medium by which people can make suggestions and introduce the world to new, fresh, exciting music. Although the readers suggestions are readily accepted by you, the authors, as a way to expand your personal catalogue, it is your hard work in turn that allows the rest of us to hear such great music and expand our catalogues as well. So, thank you dearly, 9bullets.

    Saturday afternoon, I spent several hours scouring the web, looking for a new artist or band to fit my hankering. Listening to so much JTE lately, I wanted something as authentic and traditional in the roots/country realm. Of course, as we all know very well, the current country music landscape is packed with awful, sickening sounds and weeding out those worthy of a second listen is difficult. Finally, I landed on your site – in hindsight, I don’t know why I didn’t come here first. Lesson learned, I guess – and what is the first post I read? JD McPherson – exactly what I was after. Exactly.

    So again, I want to say thanks on behalf of many 9bullets readers for taking time out of your lives to increase the enjoyment of ours by providing us with a means to hearing great music often difficult to find.

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