Jason Isbell talks about his Sad Bastardness….


One of my favorite pastimes is getting drunk at home alone while listening to Jason Isbell albums. Another one of my favorite past times is doing that exact same thing with other people and talking with them about the songs and their meanings. I was so happy to see this post show up yesterday as it proved I was not alone in this past time.

The folks at Grantland sat down with Jason recently to talk about his 10 most gut wrenching songs (including his DBT era). It’s a fun read and I ain’t mad about the omission of Dress Blues since it’s so damned obvious.

Jason’s new album, Something More Than Free, comes out July 17 and if Southeastern is any indicator we’re in for a monster.

One thought on “Jason Isbell talks about his Sad Bastardness….”

  1. Ive been listening to it for about a month. Great album, but it didn’t top Southeastern. That record was so strong, its almost impossible. Good tunes on there for sure though.

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