Mar 052013

This album is one sexy-ass mofo.

I’m serious. I felt like I’d been shooting back tequila shots, snorting coke, and dancing on stripper poles all night by the time I was done listening to it. And, let me tell ya, folks, I ain’t generally that wild a gal.

If you’d like that not-so-clean feeling yourself, you’re in luck. We’re giving away a vinyl copy of Jason Freeman‘s Hex & Hell. Just leave a comment telling us which one of the tracks below is your favorite and why (in one or two sentences), and we’ll pick a winner using an internet random number generator. Please make sure you give us your email address! The winner will have 24 hours to respond with a full name and address, before we choose someone else. You’ve got seven days from today. Go!

Jason Freeman – Dirty Heart
Jason Freeman – Hex & Hell
Jason Freeman – Teasin’ Me



  1. I like the songs.. Have to check the CD out. I like Dirty Heat the best so far. Because I like it dirty & hot.

    • Dirty Heart! This is the first song in a long time the gets my deaf ass dog on her feet to go out and do her business.

  2. Of the three, “Dirty Heart” is my favorite. Not only do I like a dirty heart, but the opening to the song gives me a strong urge to knock back some ‘shine and get into some trouble.

  3. Dirty heart is easily the best song. Just really fantastic.

  4. All 3 are good but with Teasin’ Me you can feel the emotion in his voice and the guitar. This could have been a rock or blues hit in any generation.

  5. Teasin’ me is my favorite of the three. Hard not to let that one take you over.

  6. Teasin Me is my choice, it’s just got a good sleazy vibe on it. Makes me wanna cruise around in El Camino do somethin.

  7. Dirty Heart. Because it has that strip poker in the bayou with a coupla jars of muscadine shine kinda feeling to it.

  8. Totally love Teasin’ Me. This guy sort of reminds me of Nick Curran crossed with JD McPherson? Which is a good thing in my book.

  9. Hex&hell has such a great sound and the lyrics rock!

  10. Hex& Hell. I like the strings plus the general griminess of the song a lot more so than the other two.

  11. Magic in my home is my favorite right now because I played the shit out of Hex & Hell and Dirty Heart. Yeah, it’s that kinda album. If Elvis and Screamin Jay Hawkins had a love child it would be Jason Freeman. Gimme some vinyl!

  12. All the songs were wicked, but Teasin’ me was the best. Old school grungy slide guitar blues. Amazing

  13. Dirty Heart, it’s got some raunchy slide. Like a cross between Dan Auerbach & Rocco Delucca. Sounds great.

  14. Dirty Heat. Sweet slide.

  15. Hey Chris Richburg….you won! Email me your shipping address in the next 24 hours or you will unwin. My email address is:

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