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After 4 MEDIOCRE albums, Aldean finally has a complete work. That’s what I hear and its obvious-I have never been a big fan of Aldean’s style or material so I listened to this album not expecting much. Oh was I wrong. One listen through this album and I was blown away and after 50 listens, nothing has changed. I’m HIGHLY selective and critical of most musicians-you need to do something special to impress me and Aldean as done that with this record. I’d read critics reviews of Aldean’s prior albums and they would say things like “the new gold standard of doing albums without filler” and would listen to said albums and go “really?…o-kay”.

This album is musically brilliant: the hooks, the production and mixing, the unapologetic nods to classic rock and southern rock (and yes even some hip hop) are refreshing-whether people like it or not THIS is the future of country music. If country wants to be successful and not fade into obscurity in the larger music scene as had happened before that Garth guy and his contemporaries gave the genre new life, this is where it needs to head. This album is really long and there isn’t really one bad track on it…and I’d rather have 15 really good to very very good tracks than 2 outstanding tracks and 10 okay tracks-but that’s just me. I read one article that said they went through 5,000 songs to get to these 15 and it shows.

I simply do not get what others are hearing when they write 3 star reviews much less 2 and 1 star reviews. Maybe in the age of total shit Apple earbuds and “mastered for iTunes” compression people can’t experience truly great production and musicianship? I listen to my music pretty much lossless with on LOD off a highly modified iPod through an amp and into Audio Technica studio headphones or Ultimate Ear Triple Fi’s and the guitars coming off one channel and steel off the other, the soundstage and “imaging” of this album are among the best I’ve heard in years.

Music is often a matter of taste and I think everyone listens to music and hears different things-for me I hear one of the better country albums, one of the best albums PERIOD, in the last 10 years. I have to tip my hat to Aldean for taking a risk with this record and I hope it pays off with sales because such risks need to be rewarded. Whether that happens remains to be seen, but what I know right now is Jason Aldean as a new fan.

Jason Aldean - Take A Little Ride     

Jason Aldean’s Official Site, Jason Aldean on Facebook, Buy Night Train

* In observance of Halloween Ninebullets decided to dress up as a pop country music blog. We do not like Jason Aldean or his new album. However, Mr. Will W. Martin of Woodland, CA did and authored the review you see copy/pasted above on AmazonMP3. HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!


  1. Mark Mark
    October 31, 2012    

    AHHHHH! Your costume scared the shit outta me!

  2. October 31, 2012    

    Essential Listening???

    • October 31, 2012    

      LOL. I thought about adding that but I didn’t wanna add anything to the guy’s original review….

  3. Ahudjohn Ahudjohn
    October 31, 2012    

    That was scary.

  4. stucky stucky
    October 31, 2012    

    I admit it, that horrified me.

  5. ace ace
    October 31, 2012    

    Almost deleted 9B from the Favs tab…glad I made it to the end…Good One!

  6. willy willy
    October 31, 2012    

    frightening, for a second anyway…

  7. October 31, 2012    

    “I listen to my music pretty much lossless with on LOD off a highly modified iPod through an amp and into Audio Technica studio headphones or Ultimate Ear Triple Fi’s…”

    ^That got me pretty good.

  8. 307 307
    October 31, 2012    

    I almost cried, Happy Halloween You A$$hole.

  9. britt britt
    October 31, 2012    

    Whoa… I guess I skipped the end the first time I read it and I only noticed it when I came back to check the comments. You got me good… I was so confused. I listened the linked track, counted the cliches and was seriously perplexed. Nice one.

  10. Showtime Showtime
    October 31, 2012    

    I just shit my pants.

  11. dvot dvot
    October 31, 2012    

    Brilliant Troll.

  12. Trainwreck92 Trainwreck92
    October 31, 2012    

    Holy shit, you got me dude. With each sentence I got more and more confused.

  13. Real Country Real Country
    November 2, 2012    

    The original reviewer has it right. Night Train is awesome. A lot more awesome than the shit you’re writing about here.

    Put the 10th bullet in your face.

    • Mark Mark
      November 5, 2012    

      Why are you on this site then?

  14. November 3, 2012    

    Holy lord. I almost didn’t make it to the end. Well worth the effort.

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