I was introduced to James’ music via a message board I frequent and after checking into the material he has up on myspace I decided I wanted to hear more. Fortunately for me, all of his albums were available on Amie Street for less than 10 dollars total.

So, who is this James Isaak fella?

That’s a fine question and I really can’t give you a solid answer on that. He is a singer/songwriter working the club circuit in Los Angeles. He has put out three albums since 2005; 2005’s self-titled effort, the 2006 album Leper in Suburbia and his most recent Trying To Find My Way Home, which was released earlier this year. His sound is pretty simple. A man, his guitar, a harmonica and the song. The cds really feel like they could have just as easily come out during the folk movement of the 60’s and been played in dimly lit coffee shops as the back beat to discussions of political discontent.

Hell, it’s not like shit’s that much different these days.

James Isaak – Judgment Day Whiskey Blues
James Isaak – Where Did You Sleep
James Isaak – 30 Days, 30 Nights
James Isaak – Ballad of Byron Lee

James Isaak’s Official Site, James Isaak on myspace, Buy James Isaak’s Albums

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  1. where did you sllep last night is a cover, who did did it originally? Meat Puppets…Nirvana…

  2. “In the Pines”, also known as “Black Girl” and “Where Did You Sleep Last Night?”, is a traditional American folk song which dates back to at least the 1870s, and is believed to be Southern Appalachian in origin. The identity of the song’s author is unknown, but it has been recorded by dozens of artists in numerous genres.

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