Over the years, be it my reality TV recaps or my occasional sports rants, I’ve not been shy about talking about things outside of the musical world here on ninebullets. During that time I’ve also made no secrets about The Florida State Seminoles being my favorite college football team. As a 36 year old man I’ve never known Florida State without Bobby Bowden. There were 14 consecutive AP Top 5 finishes, 2 national titles, 12 ACC Championships and he was also named National Coach of the Year 6 times. The past few years aside, the man’s legacy is beyond reproach at Florida State and in NCAA coaching.

While I do agree that this is the right time for the program to be handed over it still hurts a little inside. I also feel that it could have been handled better by the school. Randy Spetman & T.K. Wetherell running out players to speak to the media instead of doing it themselves is nothing short of pure cowardice and extremely embarrassing to me, a lifelong FSU fan.

I hope Bobby takes a position of some sort of around the football program. College football in general and FSU as a whole is better with him around but I think the team on the field will be better without.

All that said, I want to wish the fondest of farewells humanly possible to Bobby Bowden. All the football accolades aside you turned countless young boys into great men.

From this fans perspective you are appreciated and you will be missed.

The Florida State Seminoles War Chant


  1. As a lifelong Gator and frequent reader of the site, I’ve enjoyed your occasional diversions to talk of your Noles. Not because I like the Noles (in fact, quite the opposite) but because I come here for music information but love college football and the Gators. It hits a personal chord to see you mention it from time to time. I also knew not to make any remarks regarding this past weekend’s drumming in Gainesville! All gloating aside, Bowden is a true legend and he will be missed. With the downward spiral FSU has been in lately, it hasn’t been as much fun to hate the Noles. I really do hope for a return to a competitive rivalry. It really makes the last regular season game of the year a lot more fun when it means something (think 90’s Spurrier vs. Bowden with national championships on the line). However, I’m not so sure that Jimbo is the man to return FSU to greatness, but that’s a topic for another blog. It’s the end of an amazing and historic era for the FSU program. Best wishes to Coach Bowden for some great memories. And now, back to my regularly scheduled Nole hatred.

  2. as a gator fan bryan has slapped every olive branch from my hand when talking college football. he’s a solid guy, and i consider him a friend. but don’t let that fool you, he wouldn’t do the same if the shoes were on different feet. so, after saying that: DONT LET THE DADGUM DOOR HIT YOU ON THE ASS BOBBY!!! GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!

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