It Burns When I Pee: Episode 10

The folks over at Section 86 have posted a new episode of their It Burns When I Pee podcast. Featuring interviews with Hank III’s bassist, Joe Buck and artist/musician Christopher Mueller. Mueller also created the shows artwork this time around.

Interesting tidbit about Mueller. The Sons of Perdition took it upon themselves to been a most sorrowful psalm for his eventual funeral. I quote:

“Most people don’t get a personalized funerary score. It could be viewed as morbid. I, on the other hand, can’t think of a more fitting exclamation of life for someone whose veins flow black with ink and whose brain throbs feverishly to the yelps and mountain hollers of backwoods Appalachia.

It doesn’t matter that Mueller is still with us. Time’s a relative bastard, and since Mueller’s left more of a mark, a broader target on which to focus our sorrows, than most dead folks, I didn’t see any point in waiting until his body lay rotting in the ground to celebrate his life’s work.”

So, if your looking for something to listen to this week head over to Section 86 and give the IBWIP podcast a listen.

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