Introduction to Samuel Barker

11949449_890950117649613_6278425683884630843_nHey everybody! I figured I would introduce myself since posts from me are going to start popping up on the site and you might just be scratching your head wondering all about me. To really appreciate my writing, you need to know the basics about me, right? Well, here we go.

I love long drives, I wear boxers over briefs, leave the toilet seat up and dark blue is my favorite color. I prefer dogs over cats, beer over wine and/or liquor and I put beans in my chili. Bears are favorite animal, I’m a Fender-style man when it comes to electrics and a Gibson-style kind of guy when it comes to acoustic and I once drunkenly peed in a plant at the Grand Ole Opry hotel.

Now that the important information is out of the way, I’ll tell you the more trivial information about myself.

You may have seen my name pop up on the site in the past when my old band was covered, when my solo album was announced or I opened for a band people on this site dig. I have been a blog writer with sites like, and various others. I love writing, it’s something I’m actually good at.

My main love in life, though, is music. From the time I put my first Bob Seger and Huey Lewis and the News 45s on my mom’s best friend’s record player, I was hooked. Tastes have changed, but that feeling never goes away. It is why I eventually started talking about music, searching out new artists that I’d never heard before, writing about music, playing music and travelling around the country doing all of it. Some people have God, I have music. It does the same thing to my soul (to steal a line from Tom Petty).

Hope you dig what I write about and have a little fun with it. NineBullets has been a great source of knowledge for me, as well as, a place that has given much support to my music. Now, as we should do in all facets of life, I’m going to do my best to give back to those who have given to me. Let the good times start rolling…I’m ready…