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Introduction to Nick Liechty


I hate talking or writing about myself so i’ll keep this brief. Growing up I was always crazy about music so in grade school you’d find me in the library checking out all the rock history books then pouring over them to figure out the influences and origins of whatever I was listening to at the time. This obsession never lightened up but found a new outlet in high school when a friend handed me an Avail 7in and pointed me to the local all ages venues. Louisville, KY had a great local scene at the time which meant I went to multiple shows a week, saw tons of awesome bands and eventually worked for one of the venues. The benefit of being a punk kid in Kentucky is that even those punk bands still appreciated or at least acknowledged the country and bluegrass most of them heard growing up so our tastes stayed pretty diverse. Music is the thread that connects all the important events in my life from meeting my wife through friends from shows to my first big career progression coming from a friend I traded music with online.

Luckily a friend handed me a copy of Lucero’s self titled record when it was released which turned me into a huge fan of theirs, introduced me to a new music family and lead me down the Americana path eventually to this site. I’ve found some great bands from this site over the years, including some favorites like John Moreland and Two Cow Garage so it’s exciting to be writing here now. Aside from seeing shows in my home of DC/Baltimore I tend to travel wherever the shows are so I’m going to be concentrating on writing up those shows and the experiences that come with them as well as whatever music catches my attention. I hope you all enjoy reading it and I’m sorry if I’ve blocked your view at a show but I needed to get those drinks to the band.


  1. July 1, 2015    

    Nick did pick the pic for his post but I’m pretty sure you’d have to crop people out to get a solo picture of him! I am pretty sure that dude exists with other people around him. And he’s amazing to be around as well.

  2. July 1, 2015    

    This is exciting!

  3. July 1, 2015    

    “Sit down Nick”

  4. July 1, 2015    

    Nick hugs are the best hugs!

  5. Dave Dave
    July 2, 2015    

    When Nick hugs, he hugs at a minimum 12 people at a time

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