Introducing: The Dirty 30s

The challenge: To write about a cd that you love from beginning to end without sounding like a cheap PR one sheet. I have been thinking about this piece for a little over a week now. How do you tell people that a cd is completely wonderful but keep it close enough to the vest that people will still look into it…..and should I even bother? Should I say The Dirty 30s cd is 11 tracks that will not ever see the skip track button on your cd player and you will send me countless emails thanking me for telling you about them? Who knows but whatever I am gonna say, I am gonna say it now.A few weeks back I contacted The Dirty 30s and asked for a copy of their cd. I had been listening to the tracks on their myspace site for a few weeks and the Miles of Music goes and labels their cd “It’s a Cracker”. For the uninitiated, It’s a Cracker means they guarantee that you will enjoy that record. If you don’t, send it back and they’ll give you full credit of the cost of the CD towards your next purchase. It’s a great way to check out people you have never heard of. So the cd shows up and I promptly tossed it in the cd player and knew I was in love after one time through.The Dirty 30s are Jason Riley (guitar, vocals), Jeb Venable (Bass), Brian Heuring (Guitar) and Stu Farris (drums) from Cape Girardeau, Missouri. They play a loose at the hinges brand of American rock. The loose feel can be attributed to the band rarely practicing as a full band. When I say loose I don’t mean sloppy. I mean the bolts have some wobble to them. It really adds to the atmosphere of the cd. I get the feeling that these guys are the consummate bar band and as a St. Louis Times reviewer said, “To call them a bar band is no slur: They play fast and loose with free-wheeling blues-based guitar riffs, always a dependable soundtrack for drinking till last call and smoking up on the way home.” If you are a fan of the earlier (more raw) Drive-By Truckers, Lucero (both bands get the Replacements comparisons), or gimmick-free American rock and roll, do yourself a favor and check these guys out. If you hate it just send the cd back to Miles of Music and get whatever Ryan Adams released that week. Personally, this is my favorite cd to have entered the house so far this year and even though it came out in 2006 I am labeling it my favorite cd of 2007 so far.

The Dirty 30s – Rode Hard
The Dirty 30s – Local Anesthesia

The Dirty 30s – Justine

The Dirty 30s Official Site
, The Dirty 30s on myspace, Buy The Dirty 30s cd from Miles of Music

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  1. I got this cd from miles of music, it is a great cd. They need to come play at the Snorty Horse in Springifeld, MO. This is one of my favoite bands.

  2. One of the members of the Dirty 30’s (Matt Helderman) replaced me as the late night DJ on KGMO (Cape Girardeau’s classic rock station). I picked up this CD in St. Louis and have been playing it (especially “Local Anesthesia”) pretty regularly ever since. The audiance at my new station seems to like it a lot. Anyway, I’m a fan of the band, a fan of your blog, and I’m glad we’re on the same wavelegenth.

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