Introducing: The Dexateens


Patterson Hood says they are the future of rock and roll. Patterson Hood knows rock and roll. While I don’t feel I’m qualified to speak on the future of rock and roll, I do feel qualified to say I believe these fellas have a future in rock and roll. The Dexateens are a 5 piece rock band from Tuscaloosa, Alabama featuring, much like the truckers, a triple guitar attack. In all honesty, they are really easy to compare to the truckers….from Bama, 3 guitars, southern rock, singer sounds similar to Patterson, and the newest album produced by Mr. hood. Yes, the comparisons make themselves, but they aren’t just a DBT clone. I prefer to tell people they are the band that will fill the hole left by the split of Slobberbone. In all reality I don’t think the band cares who you compare them to, so long as it’s not Kings of Leon.

On the new release the boys seem to have traded in some of their grit and stomp for a polished swagger, while there is still plenty of Alabama dirt and torn edges for me. Fans of Slobberbone, DBT, Neil Young, and American rock music in general need to slide The Dexateens to the top of their shopping list. Hell, don’t take my word for it….take Patterson’s.

The Dexateens – What Money Means
The Dexateens – Red Dust Rising
The Dexateens – Fyffe

Dexateens: myspace, official site

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  1. I love the bass playing in this band. They put on a great show, and are a musical force to reckon with.

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