Introducing: Leroy Powell

As I mentioned last week, Leroy left Shooter’s backing band (the .357’s) and Shooter’s new album is shoddy. Are the two related? I dunno, but all of this inspired me to finally pull Leroy’s cd from my “to listen to” pile and put it in the cd player. Three songs into it I knew that Leroy’s influence is exactly what Shooter’s album is missing. Who knows if Leroy had split before, after or during the recording of Shooter’s new disc, but Leroy’s solo disc embodies what I’m missing when I listen to The Wolf.So, who is this Leroy Powell? He is a Redlands, California native, raised on music from the age of 10. Upon moving to LA in the late 90’s, he spent his time playing in funk and rock bands. While I do not profess to know Leroy, I am gonna guess that his Daddy listened to country music as a kid, and after a few years in LA he hooked up with a fiddle player, Travis Parker, and they embarked down the left hand path of country music. A few years passed and then he hooked up with Shooter, did a few albums in Shooter’s backing band (writing some of the better songs on them), then recorded his self-titled cd earlier this year and left the .357’s and embarked on a solo career.

Enter Leroy Powell and the Worst Best Friends, featuring younger brother Chris Powell on drums, Jason Cope on guitar and Slade McCombs on bass. They are now in the process of recording Leroy’s sophomore effort, currently titled Angles and Curves, which will be produced by legendary music producer, Eddie Kramer.

Back to Leroy’s self-titled effort. If you grew up with a Daddy listening to country music, you are gonna love this disc. You could que it up between Waylon, Merle and a whole slew of other classic 70’s/80’s artists and it would not sound a bit out of place. Hence the earlier guess that Leroy’s daddy must’ve exposed him to country music as a kid. This album is part trip down nostalgia lane and part completely awesome new album that I should have listened to months ago. It’s definitely in the running for’s album of the year award. That and a nickel won’t get you a god damned thing but it’s better than nothing…..I guess, except that it obviously means it at least has a place on the Essential Listening list. Listen to the mp3’s, love ’em…buy the cd…love it too.

Leroy Powell – Gypsy Lady
Leroy Powell – I Go To Extremes
Leroy Powell – We Are Blessed

Leroy Powell’s Official Site, Leroy Powell on myspace, Buy Leroy Powell’s debut cd

Edit: I meant to include this video when I posted this earlier. Better late than never I suppose. It’s Leroy’s debut video for the song “Keep the Diamond”:

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  1. This sounds pretty good. I may have to seek out more of old Leroy.

    The album cover reminds me of Willie’s “Red Headed Stranger”

  2. Where might I find the song “I’m a Good Good Girl” from the movie “Everything She Ever Wanted”?

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